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Types of Channel Letters

Channel Letters are fabricated out of aluminum sheets of several different thicknesses up to 1/4″ thick. These thicknesses are used on whatever the engineering calculations come out to be be for your specific design and size of your sign. The standard depth of channel letters is 5″. We fabricate acrylic plastic letters for the front of the aluminum channel letter using computer driven cnc router machines that make it possible to cut to match the aluminum letters, so they fit perfectly together. This makes a beautiful 3 dimensional sign structure with LED lighting behind the acrylic and inside the aluminum letter.


There are several types of channel letters and combinations in this category. They can be installed individually to the building fascia or mounted on a raceway. Since they were illuminated with neon for many many years they used to be called neon channel, nowadays they also can be illuminated with LED’s. This type of sign can be considered an outdoor sign or an indoor sign depending on the location.

Standard Channel Letter
Standard or Front Channel Letter

Also known as front channel letter or Front Lit Channel Letter. All the lighting components of this type of letter reside inside each letter and light shows through the front of the letter. Face is fabricated with translucent white or color acrylic. Colored translucent vinyl colors applied to the acrylic letter faces are also common practice.

Reverse or Halo Lighted Channel Letter
Reverse or Halo Lit Channel Letter

Also known as Reverse Lit Channel Letter. This type is manufactured with the lighted component inside the letter facing the back of the letter. The letter faces are aluminum and have no light through the front. Installation of this type  has to be with a space in between the letter and the wall so light reflects on the building wall or a backplate.

Open Face Channel Letter
Open face Channel Letter

Construction of this letter is the same as the standard channel letter type. The light component is neon or an led flex tube and letters can be open with no face or have a clear acrylic cover face to protect the electrical components from the weather conditions (rain, hail or wind). Not having a clear acrylic face most of the times the sign will require a lot of maintenance to keep it clean. Some neon tubing breakage can occur at any time.

Non Illuminated Channel Letter
Non- Illuminated Channel Letter

This is the same as the standard letter (Number 1) but has no lighted components inside the letter. Fabricated metal letters are aluminum or stainless steel manufactured along with other materials for different optional finishes. These type of letters are installed flat against the wall and can be from 1″ to 8″ deep.

Front and Halo Lighted Channel Letter
Reverse and front illuminated channel letter

This type is built with double width, it holds lighted components in the front of the letter and also another set of lighted elements for illumination to the back of the letter. This type looks very rich and elegant. In this example you can see the sign illuminated in yellow from the front and white reflecting on the back of the letters.

Channel Letter Examples

Halo Lighting Channel Letter

Front Illuminated Channel Letter

Individual Channel Letters vs Channel Cabinet Signs

When channel letter signs are built to represent a logo or design, the complete structure built as a unit, we call the type of sign, channel cabinet sign.

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