Monument – Pole Signs

/Monument – Pole Signs

Monument signs purpose is to mark a property, residential complex, business or several businesses entrance. Depending on City codes a monument sign is permitted to be installed from 15 to 25 ft. from the curb or property entrance. Depending on the size and shape requested can be fabricated with aluminum, masonry or concrete structure.

Different kinds of monument signs:

  • Completely Aluminum Fabricated Sign Cabinets
  • Concrete Structure Monument Signs
  • Masonry Structure Monument Signs

Classification for their specific use:

  • Multi-tenant monument signs
  • Wayfinding Type Monument Signs

Aluminum Lettering for Monument Signs

Masonry Structure Illuminated Monument Sign
Masonry Exterior Illuminated Sign Individual Aluminum Letters and Logos

Aluminum Fabricated Cabinets

These type of monument signs are custom designed with a custom shape or standard rectangular shapes. Common terms for aluminum signs are routed out sign face monument signs, illuminated acrylic or lexan translucent face sign cabinets, non illuminated signs with exterior lighting.

Multi-tenant monument signs

Fabricated for several businesses identification. Aluminum fabricated monument sign shapes that will be your brand identification. Painted, stucco coated, dimensional letters or routed out logos and letters. Illuminated or not illuminated. We design according to your needs.

Concrete and Masonry Structure Monument Sign

Curb or property monument signs are commonly made with masonry, concrete or sandstone. Cast metal letters and logos or aluminum flat lettering are installed on these type of signs. Illumination is always exterior lighting.

Aluminum Lettering and Cabinets for Monument Signs

We fabricate aluminum cut-out lettering for your existing monument signs. If they are brick, stone or wood, our lettering custom made to fit the area will have the correct size and color contrast that needs your sign.

Monument Sign Installation Process

Concrete Base, concrete footing, masonry base, and aluminum cabinet illuminated building address identification sign.