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High Impact Foam Signs

High Impact Foam Signs

Dimensional High impact foam shapes

Dimensional High impact foam shapes

High impact foam sign 6 inch thick

Six inch thick foam letter

Gold Aluminum Finish Face

Gold Aluminum Finish Face

High impact foam signs are letters and logos fabricated High Impact STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation Extruded Polystyrene. They are 3-Dimensional 3-D Foam Logos, Letters & Numbers.

Their 3-Dimensional look is what this type of sign is popular for.

About the options on thickness and finishes

Prices vary according to material thickness and face options:

Thicknesses are: 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″ & 6″
Face Options:

  • No face (Styrofoam is painted and no addditional material laminated to the face).
  • White styrene face
  • Vinyl color laminated to the styrene.
  • Digitally printed vinyl with custom color face
  • Metal face

Foam fabricated signs are economical option for a dimensional sign.

About High Impact Foam Signs Applications

Foam signs can be use indoor or outdoors.

  • Outdoor durbility depends on weather conditions and will not stand hail. Recomendable to use as a temporary sign and for not for a period of time of two years.
  • Indoor applications are as logos, individual letters for directional signs, expos, events, etc.

1. Quality.- Styrofoam material has imperfections so it is not recommended for a sign that is going to be looked at, at a very close distance. It will be recommended when a styrene face is applied to the styrofoam face.

2. Dimension.- High impact foam signs are most of the times ordered in two colors. Sides are painted in one color and faces are a different color. That will make your sign even more dimensional.
A 3-dimensional sign looks always more expensive.

3. Fabrication Details. Advantages in using high impact foam material for your logos, Letters and numbers:

  • Custom router cut. Order your font or letter syles
  • Finishing options  are styrofoam painted, white smooth styrene face, bright vinyl color laminated to the styrene face
  • Modern Look – bright, colorful, dimensional products
  • Different face options: option to order digitally printed vinyl face with designs that include flat custom colors, gradients, round, beveled or prismatic look
  • Greather depth vs. flat cut out acrylic or pvc letters
  • Cost effective – more dimension for less money than flat cut outletters
  • Suitable for Interior and  exterior applications
  • Many mounting options available
  • Double sided tape installations but also stud mounted if required. Paper pattern for easy installation


  • A) Standard. No additional face material. Letter sides are painted same color as letter face.
  • B) Smooth Face. Single standard color face. Fabricated with a cut out matching PVC .080 thickness letter and adhesive color vinyl applied to PVC that will be glued to face of the letter. Letter sides can be ordered painted with a diferent color than the letter smooth vinyl face selected.
  • C) Smooth Face. Digitally Printed Vinyl face. .080 PVC matching letter and Digitally Printed Vinyl glued to foam letter face. Letter sides are painted to your desired color paint sides.
  • D) Metal Face. A flat matching letter cut out of .040 Silver or Gold Brush Aluminum will be glued to the foam letter face.