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Identification Signs

Identification Signs

Identification signs either indoor or outdoor describe a specific location such as restrooms, specific purpose rooms such as conference rooms in businesses, operating rooms in hospitals or laboratories in schools. Outdoor signs are usually not only identification but also directional, such as parking garage, employees only, street names, etc. Signs that identify a location, building or complex.

Indoor Identification Signs

Restroom Identification Signs

The most common identification signs are restroom signs. Restroom door signs inside lobby areas on public places such as theaters, hotels, airports. Designs vary according to the environment you want to create  or  your building architecture and specifications ADA.

Aluminum fabricated individual letters polished and clear coat for extended longevity. This is a real sophisticated way to make a men and women’s restroom sign. As you can see from the pictures its a very classy look.

Office Identification

Room signs made custom. Aluminum or acrylic, permanent or temprary. Text interchangeable office signs. Vinyl cut letters for numbers or office doors. Sophisiticated clear acrylic green tinted glass or sandblasted vinyl applied to clear acrylic with aluminum stand-offs as shown in these pictures.

Public Buildings Identification

Public Buildings Signs
Public buildings require identification signs in all and every location imaginable, permanent or temprary. Text and pictograms that are easy to understand by everyone. Signs are required on glass doors, walls, building columns, rooms, elevators, areas and exit locations. Vinyl cut out letters and digitally printed decals are a very important part of the signs manufactured for public places. Airport signs, shopping centers or signs inside malls for emergency situations. Maps with store locations and evacuationn routes.

Warehouse Identification Signs

Warehouse Identification such as aile, racks, shelves, floor signs.
Rack vinyl number locations, aile number identification. decals or plaques on PVC, aluminum or acrylic.
Warehouse dock signs and warehouse planning or production boards.
Some warehouse distribution type businesses require aile identification painted on columns or floors. We can fabricate your stencils cut out of pvc or styrene.

Outdoor Identification Signs

Building Identification

JSC Realty is the property management company that handles The Crescent Circle Complex  in Carrollton, TX. For this property we solved the problem of not being able to find businesses because of two different address in the same complex. Because the way we located the two different addresses trough out the complete complex we solve all the confusion in finding a business.
Indivdual High impact foam letters painted black and installed flat against the wall made this job fit in a small budget without settling for a cheap look.

Parking Lot Identification Directional

Parking lot area or building identificational or directional signs are also called wayfinding signs. We custom fabricate mindustrial or business parks directional signs. We present designs that will represent the company image or property brand. Colors and shapes play an important part for a good, sophisticated representation of the business identity.
From manufacturing details such as cut out aluminun pieces, paint colors or hardware for installation are handled by experts. Throughout the process of design, fabrication and installation, our customers are always the most important part of the project.