Sign Hand Painting

/Sign Hand Painting

You can check out the wall signs painted on the red brick buildings in downtown Dallas in the West End area. One of the buildings is the newly built apartment complex on Ross St. and Houston St. The other is the remodeled building at Market St. and Ross St. We painted all the wall signs around the top areas of these buildings in black-and-white so they would look like the signs that were originally painted on the bricks 100 years ago.
They really do look like they are from that time era. It was a major job getting all the ducks lined up to accomplish these projects for the building owners but we got it all approved through the several committees for the downtown area with the cooperation and help of the property management companies.
We followed up with our final challenge which was getting the street department to issue a street traffic control permits to control the traffic on seven areas of the West End streets from 9 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday over a two month period. This needed to be done because we needed to have a 80 foot Genie lift parked on the streets to lift the sign painters to the top areas of the two buildings on each side for several hours a day in order to paint all of these signs.
This is a tremendous amount of planning because it requires scale engineering drawings of the streets and intersections to propose the dates and times we needed to block one lane of traffic along with the certification documentation of the DOT. We needed to meet the Dallas Street department rules and required certifications such as a flagman that we would need to have on duty at all times. We are licensed to do traffic control so this was possible for us to accomplish as a company.