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Cast metal letters are everlasting sign products with a lifetime guarantee. When you are looking for a timeless and classic look, cast products offer sharp and clean lines that will add elegance to any wall. Either aluminum or bronze, these letters come in a multitude of finish options, like painted, anodized and oxidized, and side profiles, like flat, rounded, or prismatic. Not to mention, cast letters are fabricated with earth friendly alloys in electric pollution free furnaces.  They are one hundred percent recyclable and lead and mercury free! Here at Logo Sign Shop, we use aluminum letters for almost any application, for example, monument signs, building signs, and so much more.

Cast metal letters, as well as acrylic letters and aluminum letters are classified as dimensional letters. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, these metal letters will meet any architectural specification. Choose from either custom cast letters and logos or one of sixty standard letter styles and symbols. You can even choose from custom aluminum or bronze finishes, paints, and coatings to match your logo and identity. Not to mention, cast metal letters are more cost effective than flat cut metal letters with even greater dimension.

Whatever your application may be, call Logo Sign Shop to order your cast metal letter sign. We install cast metal letters and logos all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, but if you are located outside of DFW, we ship nationwide! Call us at (972) 247-1707 or request a quote online for your cast metal letters today!

Cast Aluminum Dimensional Letters
cast metal letters
Gemini Cast Metal Letters

Cast Metal Letter Thicknesses

Cast metal letters come in a variety of thicknesses depending on the size of the letter. Here at Logo Sign Shop, our cast metal letters range from the following standard thicknesses,

  • 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 inch for 2-4 inch letters
  • 3/4 inch for 5-9 inch letters
  • 1 inch for 10-14 inch letters
  • 1 1/4 inch for 15-16 inch letters
  • and 1 1/2 inch for 18-24 inch letters

If you are looking for metal letters with a greater thickness, also check out our channel letters page.

Cast Metal Letter Colors and Finishes

Cast metal letters come in a variety of colors, finishes, and coatings! For solid colors, our aluminum cast metal letters come in over 45 standard paint colors. Standard aluminum finishes also include sanded and brushed finishes. And for a more polished look, aluminum letters come in anodized coatings and bronze letters come in patina and oxidized finishes.


Aluminum Finishes

Sanded Finish
Either orbital or random arc sanding pattern.

Choose from over 45 standard colors.

Either vertical or horizontal brush and clear coated.

Electromechanical process that hardens and colorizes aluminum. Weather resistant, increases both hardness and durability.


Bronze Finishes

Finished that change over time and vary from letter to letter.

Chemically treated for an antique look.

Cast Metal Letter Sign Installation

When it comes to installing your cast metal sign, mounting these letters to virtually any interior or exterior wall is easy! Whether on drywall, brick, or metal cladding, our installation hardware and drill pattern make installation hassle free. Here at Logo Sign Shop, our professionals install cast metal letters either flat or spaced from the wall for added dimension. The space between the wall and the back of the letters causes the sun or any lighting in the room to cast a shadow on the wall. With this installation method, cast metal signs have a more three dimensional look than letters and logos which we install flat on the wall.

Advantages of Cast Metal Dimensional Letters

  • Lifetime dimensional sign products with a lifetime guarantee!
  • Quick turnaround
  • Environmentally friendly, pollution free furnaces
  • Earth friendly alloys, 100% recyclable
  • Both lead and mercury free
  • Either aluminum or bronze
  • Over 60 standard letter styles and symbols
  • Custom casts also available
  • Variety of thicknesses depending on size
  • Custom finishes, either painted, brushed, anodized, oxidized, patina
  • Interior as well as exterior applications
  • Multiple mounting and installation methods

Cast Metal Lettering Sign Applications

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters

Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs

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