Flat Signs vs Dimensional

Solid cut out materials or fabricated with dimensional installation
//Flat Signs vs Dimensional

Individual letters and numbers can be classified by their thickness or dimension.

Dimensional letters are used for all types of signs, interior and exterior. They can be lighted or not illuminated. Dimensional means they have some thickness and look three dimensional when they are installed on the wall. Small dimensional letters are used for directional signs and signs that are read close up. Thickness vary from 1/8″ to  6″ like the channel letter signs that hold lighted parts inside of the letter.

Lobby or reception logo signs are better looking signs when they are made with dimensional letters. The more dimension, the more attractive the sign is.

Flat letters and numbers are cut out from materials which thickness varies from .040″ up to 1/2″.  Thickness is due to a solid piece of material such as acrylic, pvc, aluminum, brass or gatorfoam. Flat letters can be installed to the wall by leaving a 1/2″ space in between the letter and the wall. This type of installation combined with the appropriate lighting can make the letter look three dimensional due to the shadow that the letter throws to the wall. The regular way to install them is with double sided tape, threaded rods and silicone flat against the wall.  When you order a logo or letter sign it will include a paper pattern with marks for an easy installation.

Storefront signs identify industrial, retail and finance businesses. Building signs contain dimensional individual letters and logos, the majority are lighted internally with LEDs. These type of signs are called illuminated channel letters.  There are many different ways to make them depending on the the different lighting effects. Visit our channel letter page for more information.

For corporate reception logo and letter signs that are made for indoors and fabricated as dimensional, you can learn more about types by visiting our page office signs.