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Neon to LEDs

Retrofit old neon channel letter signs with new LED lighting.

H.O. lamps to LEDs

Sign cabinet H.O. lamps lighting replaced with new LED lighting.

Lighting Outages

Service to electric signs not lighting correctly or off.

Pole sign lighting BEFORE servicing this sign

AFTER replacing HO lamps and ballasts with LED lighting and AC to DC-12 Volt power supplies


We are licensed in the State of Texas to be master electric sign contractors. Our contractor number is TDLR#18859. Call us for all your sign lighting issues or electrical hook-ups. For all our services related to repairs, visit repair or remove sign information.





If you want to know more about lighting or electrical required for your signs, give us a call, we will answer all your questions.

If you have questions about the voltage used by LED’s, power supplies, RGB or color LEDs, animated lighting effects such as chasing, blinking or color change, adapters and controllers, let us know we will talk to you about what we can do to service and maintain your signs lighting and working every night.



Have an electrical question?

What are the most energy efficient lighted signs?

How do I program the timer for my sign?

What happens if I leave my sign running 24 hrs. a day?

Are LED’s different brightness?

What is the difference between Cool White, Natural White and Warm White LED’s?

What is the most common voltage of all the new LED’s and colors available for signs?

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Neon to LED

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