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Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are a great solution to for your business to be noticed, day or night. Businesses with a storefront in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex use channel letter signs as outdoor advertisement to grab the attention of potential customers. This sign type is ideal for restaurants, retail stores, storefronts, and so much more! Check out our building signs page for more ideas!

Here at Logo Sign Shop, we manufacture your sign to your exact requirements. You can personalize every aspect of your channel letter sign, so you choose the dimension, return depth, and color. Because our computerized CNC router can cut out any custom shape, you can be sure that your sign is crafted with precision. We fabricate out of the highest quality materials, including aluminum, acrylic, and lexan. In addition, we  internally illuminated our letters with LEDs that have a three year warranty. These signs are made to last!

Once production is complete, our technicians can either install your custom sign individually to the wall or on a raceway. All of our illuminated channel letter signs have a UL label and disconnect switch, required by most Cities and building codes . We work with landlords, property managers, and Cities to obtain permits for your signs that will be approved. Because Logo Sign Shop is a registered sign manufacture in cities all over DFW, permitting is easy and you’ll have your sign up in no time! Not to mention, all of our exterior illuminated signs are UL listed and have a three year warranty.

Aluminum Channel Letter Illuminated Sign
Exterior Signs

Custom Channel Letter Sign Fabrication

With over 20 years of experience in the sign industry, we are the experts at delivering custom signage to our customers! You can count on our professional group of designers, technicians and project managers to make your business image a reality. We have worked with retail stores, restaurants, schools, hotels, law firms, organizations, and all types of businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas to provide them with the highest quality custom channel letter signs.

We fabricate our aluminum channel letters with aluminum returns and either aluminum or acrylic faces. The acrylic faces allow light to pass through the face for front illumination while an aluminum face bounces light to the wall for halo illumination. We can customize the depth (returns) of any letter, depending on the application. Our computerized CNC router and our automated channel letter bender cut and bend every component of each letter we fabricate to ensure both a sturdy construction and a perfect fit.

Professional Channel Letter Installation

Our technicians have years of experience installing all types of channel letter signs! For a clean look, we mount channel letters individually to the building fascia and conceal the electrical wiring behind the wall. For a more cost effective solution, we mount the letters on a raceway or back plate. All of our mounting systems are painted to match your wall color, so you can be sure that your sign will stand out. For individually mounted, raceway mounted, or back plate mounted channel letters, call Logo Sign Shop to professionally install your sign!

Exterior Sign Installation

Channel Letter Signage Types

Here at Logo Sign Shop, we fabricate several types of channel letters for any application. Whether you need an interior or exterior channel letter sign, we can customize it to your exact needs!

Front Lit Channel Letters
Standard / Front Lit Channel Letter Signs

Standard, or front lit, channel letters project light towards the front of the sign. All the lighting components and LEDs reside inside each letter. Because these signs have translucent acrylic faces, they shine brighter. Choose between either a translucent white acrylic face or any translucent color vinyl to match your logo.

Halo Lit Channel Letters
Reverse / Halo Lit Channel Letter Signs

Reverse channel letters are also known as halo lit channel letters. We fabricate these letters with aluminum faces, so the LED lights projects towards the back of the sign. Choose from different colored LEDs, for example, white, green, red, and blue. Our technicians install reverse channel letters with a space in between the letter and the wall for an illuminated halo effect.

Front lit and halo lit channel letter Signs

Front and halo lit channel letters project light towards both the front and the back of the letter. This letter type is a hybrid between a standard and a reverse channel letter. We fabricate these channel letters with aluminum sides, translucent acrylic faces, and open backs. With this letter type, you can choose different front and back illumination colors.

Non- Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

Non-illuminated channel letters have no lighting components. We fabricate these letters with either acrylic or aluminum faces and aluminum returns. The returns range between 1″ to 8″ in depth, depending on letter height and application. Choose between colored vinyl or paint to match your logo colors, or a brushed finish for a more sophisticated look.

Open Face Lit Channel Letter Signs

Open face channel letters have aluminum backs and returns, as standard or front lit letters. We illuminate this type of letter with either neon or LED flex tube. The faces are either exposed fro maximum illumination or covered with a clear acrylic face to protect the electrical components from harsh weather conditions (wind, rain, or hail).


Interior Sign
Front Illuminated Channel Letters
Reverse Channel letters
Reception Lighted Logo Aluminum Channel
Front Illuminated Channel Letters
Illuminated Channel Letters
Trinity Basin Preparatory Non-Illuminated Building Sign
Front Illuminated Channel Letters
Front and Reverse Channel Letters
Reverse Channel Letters
EGW Non-Illuminated Channel Letter Sign
Aluminum Channel Letter Illuminated Sign
C. H. Robinson - back lighted reverse channel aluminum painted two colors
Revolution Retail Systems Non-illuminated Channel Letter Sign

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