Awnings for Retail and Commercial Buildings

Awnings are signs with a purpose. The purpose is to improve the look of an entrance to a building or protect from rain or sun besides identifying the building with a sign.

Fabrication materials: Aluminum structure and fabric: canvas or flex material.

Types of Awning by Design or Shape

  • 1. Basic Slant Flat
  • 2. Rounded top with flat face and flat end caps
  • 3. Front Slant with 6″ flat area
  • 4. Front Curve Awning
  • 5. Reverse Curve
  • 6. Rounded top with flat face and rounded end caps
  • 7. Entrance runway awning
  • 8. Bubble Awning
  • 9. Rounded top flat face with rounded center piece, flat end pieces

Type of awnings by location.

For interior use.

Interior awnings create an outdoor identity and are mainly used to extend a welcome while creating an inviting image that greets your customers with style. They communicate with your customers in the same way as directional signage, with the touch of architectural style.

For exterior use.

Add a fresh, exciting look to your building’s exterior, while controlling the temperature and sun damage to your building’s interior. Display your name, show off your logo, or convey your style with a custom-made awning.

Types by their application.

Branding or Signage Purposes

Enhances visibility and invites customers to visit a business.
A. Awnings with digitally printed artwork on flex face.
B. Logos and graphics eradicated from flex face material and replaced with other translucent vinyl materials.
C. Lettering or logos handpainted in to the the fabric awning.

Energy Savings

By installing awnings or canopies outside windows and doors, they help reduce energy during summer time by lowering the outside heat coming from the windows and during winter time awnings and canopies help the heat to stay inside.

Other types of Awning types and options are:

A. Decorative Architectural Awnings . Fabricated with custom to modern shapes. We call them wall artwork panels. This means that framework can be fabricated in any shape or size.
B. Backlighted and non lighted.

Logo Awning
Basic Front Slant Awning
Rounded top flat face awning
Front slant awning
Front Curve Awning
Reverse Curve Awning
Rounded top rounded end caps awning
Entrance Runway Awning
Bubble Awning
Rounded Awning and rounded center piece

Interior awnings are used to display logo and branding.


Exterior awnings are used to shade windows and brand your name.

Type of awnings by design.