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Dallas, Texas 75220

Sort Thru Solutions is a full service sign company. Sort Thru Solutions owns Logo Sign Shop and the webname LogoSignShop.com. Our services include graphic design, specialized in sign design, sign consultation, fabrication and installation of indoor and outdoor sign structures.
Sort Thru Solutions, consults and guide customers to make the right decision when buying their business logo signs. The team at Sort Thru Solutions plans the fabrication and coordinates the installation process in order to accomplish a completed project within the estimated time proposed.

Specific details about a sign project process are:

  1. Site Survey, Design Ideas, Planning
  2. Estimate Presentation and Options
  3. Permit Application Process if needed and Fabrication
  4. Installation and Warranty

1. Design and Planning. Establish the project base idea environment, surroundings, location dimensions and requirements
– Provide feasibility studies, and budget estimates – Provide dimensions, materials, design options, calculate estimated material costs and sign fabricators labor and equipment.
2. Estimate Presentation and Options. Develop documents with price and design options. Proposal where turnaround time is included with every option and details with each suggested design, materials and fabrication method.
3. Fabrication Process. For outdoor signs and depending where signage will be installed, we prepare completed sign design package including special requirements depending on City’s regulations, and permit application documents with signatures and payment. Establish list of materials, design files for computerized cutting while maintaining an in-house quality control program.
Project management through out the fabrication process. Prioritizing activities and schedules through the following: router-cutting, mig-welding, vinyl graphics preparation, painting and installation hardware and patterns preparation. Maintaining documentation such as design files and project records.
4. Installation and Warranty. As per initial drawing presentation, install sign as described initially and approved. A two year 100% warranty on parts, labor and craftsmanship is included with every sign.
About our Clients

About the type of signs and about Logo Sign Shop and Sort Thru Solutions Capabilities

Identification and Directional Signs.

Identification and wayfinding indoor and outdoor are fabricated with a wide variety of different materials. Whether it is granite, aluminum or acrylic type sign, our experience in sign fabrication gives us the ability to custom design any structure and apply these materials to the circumstances of the installation location for long life and durability.

Reception Lobby Logo Dimensional Signs.

Interior three dimensional design fabrication and installation for corporate logo signage in lobby areas. The logistics of designing and developing a three dimensional 3-D reproduction of your corporate logo is a real art into itself and we have experience doing this. There are several different ways to give you this kind of signage and most always involves budget constraints. This has never slowed us down because we have developed a complete knowledge base of substrate materials over the years that allow us to design and create logo fabrication designs that look much more expensive than the actual cost. We are always keeping up to date of new materials and trends, such as illuminated LED signs.

Corporate Building Signage

We are not just a sign company building and installing outdoor building signs that have been designed by others, although we do it this way from time to time, we design for the logo sign to be read, visible from the distance and attractive. Our complete abilities and service capabilities are design packages for good corporate branding and then doing all the logistics of getting your signs built, permitted and installed. We have enjoyed servicing the needs of many large accounts over the years, such as DFW Airport, Little Caesars Pizza, City of Dallas, City of Farmers Branch and many others.

Vinyl Graphics and vehicle graphics

We are specialists at designing vehicle graphics, food stand graphics and other products that can be wrapped on vinyl, such as store counters, ice-cream freezers, paint cans, etc. we also design posters and banners.

About Memberships and Certifications

Regional Hispanic Contractors Association
NCTRCA – North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
HUB – (Historically Underutilized Business) State of Texas


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LogoSignShop.com knows how to give you the best signs with every detail handled and complete.

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