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About a Sign Project Process

Sort Thru Solutions, LLC consults and guide customers to make the right decision when buying their business logo signs. The team at Sort Thru Solutions, LLC plans the fabrication and coordinates the installation process in order to accomplish a completed project within the estimated time proposed.

Specific details about a sign project process

  1. Site Survey, Design Ideas, Planning
  2. Estimate Presentation and Options
  3. Permit Application Process if needed and Fabrication
  4. Installation and Warranty

1. Design and Planning. Establish the project base idea environment, surroundings, location dimensions and requirements– Provide feasibility studies, and budget estimates– Provide dimensions, materials, design options, calculate estimated material costs and sign fabricators labor and equipment.
2. Estimate Presentation and Options. Develop documents with price and design options. Proposal where turnaround time is included with every option and details with each suggested design, materials and fabrication method.
3. Fabrication Process. For outdoor signs and depending where signage will be installed, we prepare completed sign design package including special requirements depending on City’s regulations, and permit application documents with signatures and payment. Establish list of materials, design files for computerized cutting while maintaining an in-house quality control program.
Proyect management through out the fabrication process. Prioritizing activities
 and schedules through the following: router-cutting, mig-welding, vinyl graphics preparation, painting and installation hardware and patterns preparation. Maintaining documentation such as design files and project records.
4. Installation and Warranty. As per initial drawing presentation, install sign as described initially and approved. A two year 100% warranty on parts, labor and craftsmanship is included with every sign.

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Graphic design, specializing in sign design, sign consultation, fabrication and installation of indoor and outdoor sign structures.

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Sign Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance, Removal and Sign Repair.


Vehicle Signs, Corporate Reception Logo Signs, Window Signs, Vehicle Wraps, LED Illuminated Signs, Reverse Channel Letters, Murals, Digital Printing, Aluminum Fabrication, Monument Signs, Privacy Film for Conference Rooms, Cabinet Signs and Awnings

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