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Exterior Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Building Signs and Panfaces

Call Logo Sign Shop to increase your visibility on the road and establish your presence on the street. We fabricate all of our exterior building signs and channel letters in house. Whether you are looking for front illuminated or halo illuminated channel letters, or even a non-illuminated building sign, you can count on our expertise to fabricate your sign with the highest quality and standards. So call us today and order your building sign for your restaurant, retail store, church, organization or business!

All of our exterior illuminated signs are UL listed and have a three year warranty. We work with landlords, property managers, and cities to obtain permits for your signs that will be approved. Our technicians install all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, but if you are located outside of DFW, we can ship your sign nationwide. You can also call us for repairs and maintenance!


Types of Building Signs

  • Dimensional aluminum or acrylic lettering and cast aluminum letters
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters
  • Panface building signs and cabinets
  • Awnings
Building Sign

Dimensional Letters

  • Acrylic dimensional letters and numbers
  • Aluminum dimensional letters and numbers
  • Cast metal letters and numbers
  • Flat cut metal letters and numbers
  • Foam letters

You can also check out our dimensional letter signs page!

Aluminum Dimensional Letters
Acrylic Dimensional Letters
Cast Aluminum Dimensional Letters

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are a great signage solution to get your business noticed, day or night. Companies all over DFW use channel letters as outdoor advertisement to grab the attention of potential customers. They give extra visibility along the street. But, channel letters can have the same attention grabbing impact for indoor applications as well.


Here at Logo Sign Shop, we manufacture your channel letter sign to your exact requirements. You can personalize every aspect of our channel letter signs, so you choose the dimension, return depth, and color. Because our computerized CNC router can cut out any custom shape, you can be sure that your sign is crafted with precision. We fabricate channel letters out of the highest quality materials, including aluminum, acrylic, and lexan. Since channel letters were illuminated with neon for many years, they were often problematic and dangerous. We now internally illuminate our channel letter signs with LEDs which have a three year warranty. These signs are made to last!


Once production is complete, our technicians can either install your channel letter sign individually to the wall or on a raceway. Because Logo Sign Shop is a registered sign manufacture in cities all over DFW, permitting is easy and you’ll have your sign up in no time! To learn more about channel letter signs and types of channel letters visit our channel letter signs page!


Types of Channel Letters

  • Halo lit channel letters
  • Front lit channel letters
  • Non-illuminated channel letters

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Halo lit channel letters are also called reverse lit channel letters because the light projects towards the back of the sign. We can fabricate these signs with different colored LEDs, for example, white, green, red, and blue.

Reverse Channel Letters
Reverse Channel Letters
Reverse Channel letters
Front and Reverse Channel Letters
Reverse Channel Letters
Reverse Channel Letters

Front Lit Channel Letters

Front lit channel letters project light towards the front of the sign. Because these signs have translucent acrylic faces, they shine brighter. Light up the night with these channel letters!

Illuminated Channel Letters
Front Illuminated Channel Letters
Front Illuminated Channel Letters
Front Illuminated Channel Letters
Front Illuminated Signs
Front Illuminated Channel Letters

Non-illuminated Channel Letters

Non-illuminated channel letter signs are sleek and elegant. We can either paint them to match your logo colors or finish them with a metal aluminum brush.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters
Million Air Non-Illuminated Channel Letter Sign
EGW Non-Illuminated Channel Letter Sign
Trinity Basin Preparatory Non-Illuminated Building Sign
Cortena Non-Illuminated Channel Letter Sign
Revolution Retail Systems Non-illuminated Channel Letter Sign

Panface Signs and Cabinets

Pan face signs and cabinets are a cost effective signage choice for maximum flexibility, visibility, and durability. Because of their sturdy construction, these signs are long lasting. Their clean design allows for creative business branding and marketing. Business owners all over Dallas Fort Worth choose pan face and cabinet signs because of their endless benefits!


At our shop, we manufacture aluminum pan faces and cabinets to the exact needs of our customers. We can fabricate any shape, such as rectangles with square or rounded corners, ovals, circles, you name it! We can also personalize the return depth of your sign to make your business stand out. Not to mention, pan face signs and cabinets can be either illuminated or non-illuminated. With our computerized CNC machinery, we can rout out your business information and logo to allow light to pass through the sign face. The acrylic translucent backing can either sit behind the aluminum face or push thru for extra dimension. We know you’ll love these signs!


Types of Panface Signs and Cabinets

  • Non-illuminated Panfaces
  • Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Non-Illuminated Pan Faces

Non-illuminated panfaces are clean and effective. We can either digitally print your business information on the sign face or  individual mount acrylic or aluminum elements.

Sign Services
Pan Face Sign
Pan Face Sign

Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Illuminated sign cabinets and push through letters are one of a kind. We can fabricate these signs with different colored LEDs, including, white, green, red, and blue.

Greenbiotics Illuminated Sign Cabinet Sign
Aluminum Routed Out Illuminated Sign Cabinet
Pan Face Sign


You can use our exterior awnings to shade your windows and brand your business! Protect your visitors from the rain when they reach your door.

Logo Sign Shop is a full service sign company located in Dallas, Texas with decades of experience in the sign industry. Call us directly at (972) 247-1707 or email us at We are the experts in sign design, custom sign fabrication, sign installation, sign repair, sign removal and take downs. For any sign services in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Logo Sign Shop is your sign company! Request a free quote for business and building signs, vehicle wraps, vinyl graphics, and so much more!