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/Sign Repair Services

What does sign repair mean?

Signs get damaged by wind or weather conditions. Sometimes the life expectancy of some parts is shorter than others. Paint and vinyl fades with the sun, electrical lighted parts inside signs need replacement every few years. We come to fix and repair your sign when it is necessary.

What does sign maintenance include?

  1. Survey and appraiseĀ  the level of required maintenance.
  2. We determine what caused to initiate the problem.
  3. We fix it with the proper parts.
  4. We warranty it for one year.

How are we fixing your signs?

By re-screw or fix retainers that are starting to break, acrylic plastic faces and trim-cap on channel letters or awning material that are starting to get loose. Most of the time if fixed on time you can avoid a bigger charge later. Call us for an inspection and light service repair.

Channel Letters

Paint Backplates, change acrylic faces (plastic faces that are tarnished or their colors are fading) Use new acrylic and new trimcap,

Vehicle Graphics

Removal of old vinyl graphics applied to vehicles that now look faded orĀ  are cracked by the sun where the vehicle still be in service, we remake the logos and lettering .

Electric Cabinet Signs

Replace broken or missing acrylic faces, repaint exterior and interior, install LED’s to replace old HO Lamps.

Parking Lot

Signs often get hit by cars or just get rusted and old. We fix broken or bent posts, remake and install new hardware to parking lot signs

Move signs

We move your signs to your new offices. Before we re-install them at the new location, we re-build or re-paint them so they look brand new.

  • Reface or re-skin awnings
  • Re-make old vinyl letters or hand painted logos and letters.
Remove old signage

Properties sold or leased to a new owner or tenant. We take down the signs and dispose. Signs on raceways or individual channel letters.

Retrofit - Neon to LED's

Many removal services involve taking down a sign to install a new sign in place, if this is the case, we can schedule removal & installation on the same day.

Wall Hand Painted Signs

Signs that were in the past with paint and need to be kept with the same style, we repaint over with special sign painter paint to make them look like years ago but newly painted.


Contact us to schedule to repair a sign.

If you see a problem with your sign, call us to schedule an inspection. We will tell you what is causing the problem and solve it! Your signs are the face of your business and they have to be maintained so they are always looking excellent.