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Logo Sign Shop is a detail oriented signs manufacturing business, we fabricate signs to be 100% perfect. Perfect on lighting, on size, on dimension and material for the location they are going to be installed.

Why Logo Sign Shop?

Signs intended for interior spaces need to be perfect because they are going to be look at close. We are specialized in fabricating interior signs. Our interior sign manufacturing quality standards are also applied to outdoor signs. This quality is primarily noticed when our customers signs do not have lighting problems, letters falling, signs rusting or fading before expected.

We are the only logo sign shop.

What is the secret to make our customers happy?

Our signs manufacturing process includes a detailed process of approval with our customers, which include color samples and paper pattern size presentation before we start any material cutting. We do not like to surprise a customer with something they were not expected because a rush or assumed decision.

“Involvement is the right answer. Our customers are involved during the design process and are informed during the fabrication of their signs.”

For a complete list of signs manufacturing materials and types browse our website for products and galleries of signs fabricated in our shop.

Signs Manufacturing Aluminum Cabinet LED Illuminated
mig-weld signs and letters


All of our signs are mig-welded together wherever two or more pieces of aluminum come together during the assembly process. On larger sign structures installed on multiple story buildings, signs are bolted and mig-welded together for added safety.

Sign Services

Router Cuting

We have a 5 foot by 10 foot table size router. We can cut up to 1″ thick aluminum, acrylic, high impact foam. Also any substrate 4 x 8 or 5 x 10 construction materials at any thicknesses available in the market place today. This gives us computer accuracy to reproduce anything and everything at any size you request.

Barricade mural printing

Large Format Digital Printing

A complete vinyl and printing department with a wide variety of printed materials for applications such as vinyl for vehicle graphics, banners for advertising, translucent vinyl for lighted signs, promotional and expo events,  wall vinyl for mural decoration, etc.

Directional Signs

Custom Painting

After fabricating or cutting your custom logo sign, the painting process is the next step. The method of giving your logo your branding colors is selected from the beginning of designing your sign. Price is one of the decision points to select materials and method of painting. You can have powder coating, Mathews paint or automotive paint. They are all different finishes, durability and price.

Regulatory Room Identification Signs

Room Identification Signs

We are a certified sign manufacturing facility. We meet all federal standards for ADA room Grade II Braille identification and wayfinding signage including restroom identification. We fabricate with or without Braille.


Channel Letter Signs

There are several types of channel letters and combinations in this type. They can be installed individually to the building fascia or mounted on a raceway. Since they were illuminated with neon for many many years they used to be called neon channel, nowadays they also can be illuminated with LED’s. This type of sign can be considered an outdoor sign or an indoor sign depending on the location.


Low pricing

We have experience working with different sign materials. Your signs will be fabricated using the right material for the application you request.


From the designing phase to the fabrication time, at Logo Sign Shop we know the importance of taking care of small details in every step during the fabrication process.



If your sign project requires special hours, we offer installation service times outside regular business hours. We have a team to help with your needs.


We are very detailed when preparing a proposal for your sign. We normally include a layout which will help you to visualize the type of sign we are offering will fit your space and your budget.

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